Storm Mixer offers the CX series of static mixers for Crude Oil Custody Transfer applications.

This mixer is designed to lift and mix/disperse the heavier water that can lie at the bottom of a transfer pipeline with the crude oil pipeline so that the quantity of water in your crude oil can be effectively measured.

The mixing element is designed to scoop the water from the wall of the pipeline and cause it to mix into small droplets that are evenly dispersed through the entire pipeline diameter.  This allows for effective measuring of water content using a non-contact analyzer.

After mixing the oil completely, the final mixing element is additionally designed to eliminate the centrifugal spinning forces that can force water back towards the wall of the pipe.  This final mixing element is designed to cancel all rotational forces on the flow preventing a spiraling stream of water from forming back in the pipe before reaching the analyzer.  

Typically the analyzer is located 2-4 pipeline diameter downstream of the Custody Transfer Mixer.

 This CX series mixer results in highly reliable net crude oil measurements. 

As these mixer are designed to meet your requirements, please contact us for more information.  Typically they are offered in Carbon Steel, 150# thru 600# ratings.  They can be provided with any sampling fittings that you require, including a sampling quill.

Primer exterior coating is standard.