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sizing a static mixer

For water based chemical mixing or chemicals that are near water like consistency use this simplified approach for sizing.

 Static Mixers work best in the in the 2-10 ft/sec velocity range, transforming the energy of the fluid flow into useful mixing energy.

Storm Mixer offers a variety of mixing elements that can meet your mixing and pressure drop requirements. Our Tornado™ static mixing elements provide excellent mixing.

 Tornado Static Mixing Elements

For a simplified approach with static mixers constructed from steel use the chart below to size a mixer with less than 5 psi pressure drop at maximum flow rate:

sizing a static mixer

Be mindful of the minimum flow conditions.  If the lowest flow rate is below the minimum flow rate for a size pipe, this can impact mixing.  

For mixing viscous chemicals such as concentrated sulfuric acid or neat polymer solutions, contact Storm Mixer for sizing and methods of mixing.


For calculating the velocity in a pipe, you can also use the equation:

Calculating velocity of flow in a pipe

v = 0.408 Q/d2



v =  velocity [ft/sec]

Q = flow rate [gpm]

d = diameter of pipe [inches]


For more information, or sizing for viscous chemicals, contact Storm Mixer